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For just $5.00 you can add an entry to have your Twitch.tv streamer ID promoted by TwitchPotato.com... permanently!

We will detect when you are live streaming and you will have a chance to have your video displayed on our site, and all other TwitchPotato streamer promotion placements!

Would you like to have your own gaming career?

Let us help!

Twitch.tv was acquired by Amazon for like a billion dollars (literally, 986 Million) and so let's just agree right now that Twitch.tv is no joke. I have seen people earn thousands of dollars in tips just for being the person who pushed the button at just the right time to create some epic in game moment.

In order to do that you will need an audience. THAT is something that we can provide to you and as our network grows, so will your audience. Familiarize yourself with KismetLLC.org and the members area. We offer many marketing tools and even ways to monetize just about anything through FDS. (look it up at Kismet).

In addition, many people do not know much about streaming. We will be publishing a simple guide to turn your mobile phone into a Twitch.tv stream gaming machine.

Case example in progress

We built http://a-a.army (opens in new window) as a guide for my favorite mobile game, MiragineWar. Each day I turn on some IcyMusic, load the game and play for 20 minutes to clear my mind.

I was thinking... next step in the gaming tools will be the Mobile guide, connected with TwitchPotato and boom... we will be pro MiraGine Warriors in no time, and maybe even get paid to play!

Can you have your own site like TwitchPotato or IcyMusic or A-A.Army?

Yes! We sell premade sites (various prices, sold at http://introwebdesigns.com, custom sites (same store), and affiliate pages through KismetLLC.org. All Kismet sites earn a share of our company revenue through the participation network and will earn for their owners from day #1!

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